Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Gregory E. Garman

Greg Garman is a bankruptcy and trial lawyer whose practice sits at the intersection of the courtroom and deal making. Greg’s practice is concentrated in corporate restructurings and the related litigation that is often the precursor to, or accompanies, complex restructuring work.

Gerald M. Gordon

Gerald M. Gordon is a founding partner of the firm’s Business Restructuring & Bankruptcy Department.

William Noall

Bill’s practices in the areas of bankruptcy, business disputes (including partnership disputes) and commercial law. He represents clients in financial and organizational restructurings both in and out of court as well as in related litigation.

Talitha Gray Kozlowski

Since 2004, Talitha has almost exclusively represented clients in complex Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases and related adversary proceedings. The majority of her practice has been dedicated to representing high net worth individuals and corporate debtors across numerous industries.

Teresa Pilatowicz

Teresa Pilatowicz practices regularly in Arizona and Nevada and focuses her practice on restructuring, insolvency, and business disputes. She specializes in litigation related to bankruptcy cases and has been involved in some of the largest matters throughout Arizona and Nevada.

Mary Langsner

Mary Langsner is an attorney in the firm’s Business Restructuring & Bankruptcy Department. Her primary practice involves corporate restructuring, bankruptcy litigation including nondischargeability proceedings, claims litigation, and fraudulent transfer litigation.

Our Attorneys Specializing in
Bankruptcy & Restructuring

GTG’s Bankruptcy Group is nationally recognized as among the best in the business. Our experience translates into the ability – from the outset of an engagement – to guide our clients to a successful result. And while our preference is to practice in our home offices of Las Vegas and Phoenix, in most years, up to half of our practice (or more) is focused on representing clients across the country.

Our specialty is representing corporate borrowers and debtors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. More than 70% of our efforts are dedicated to these clients. While we regularly represent hedge funds, private equity, and non-tradition lenders, we don’t represent national banks.

Many things separate us from the competition, but none more than our focus on the intersection of bankruptcy and litigation. It has become rare to see a bankruptcy case that doesn’t involve significant litigation. Other firms try to address this by “bringing in their litigators,” which adds cost and disconnect between the litigation and restructuring. Unlike others, GTG’s bankruptcy attorneys are recognized trial lawyers in their own rights. We handle not only the complex restructuring work, but also the attendant litigation, bringing cohesion, effectiveness, and focus to each case. Because you can no longer be successful at bankruptcy without the ability to litigate (or credibly threaten to litigate).

Our experience is vast. We are nearly always involved in the biggest cases in our back yards, and often across the country. We encourage you to look at the individual bios of our team for an appreciation of our collective experience.