GTG Legal

Nationally Recognized – World Class Legal Service

When you think of Nevada, your first thought probably isn’t nationally recognized, world class legal services. But that is exactly the firm we built. We formed the firm as a cohesive group of 16 lawyers, nearly all of whom have practiced together for a decade or more. We represent businesses and business people in high stakes matters, almost always against the largest and most well respected firms in the country and in our own back yard. We staff our cases with small teams of seasoned lawyers from varied backgrounds and skill sets, the way we would want a firm to operate if we were the client. Our focus is on winning, and winning efficiently, and not the fee generation that comes from using armies of lawyers.

We set out to create a boutique firm that is not beholden to financial institutions and large institutional clients. Our lawyers typically started their careers at larger firms and know the consequences of being big: unavoidable conflicts, inefficiencies, and billable hour “requirements” all of which drive a wedge between lawyers and clients. Our model is different, while we work on the traditional hourly model, our preference is to work with clients on creative structures based upon shared risk and value. We regularly work with our clients on hybrid fees, contingency fees and success fees as a means to align our economic interests with those of our clients.