Federal Judge Orders Silverstone Golf Club To Be Restored

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Las Vegas, Nevada, On November 3, 2015, the federal court granted the Silverstone Ranch Community’s homeowners’ request to restore the Silverstone Ranch Golf Course.  This is a victory for the Silverstone Ranch Community homeowners, represented by Erika Pike Turner and Dylan Ciciliano of Garman Turner Gordon.  Judge Boulware based his decision to restore the golf course on findings that as a result of the defendants’ deliberate decision to not water or maintain the golf course, the homeowners suffered losses and marketability and value in their homes, they lost their views and they lost the quiet enjoyment of their homes.

Defendants Desert Lifestyles, LLC (the golf course owner) and Western Golf Properties, LLC (the golf course management company) were ordered to restore the condition of the Silverstone Golf Course and its facilities and amenities to the way it looked when Defendant Desert Lifestyles, LLC purchased the property on September 1, 2015.  On September 1, 2015, the course was a playable course in good condition.  To restore the golf course, new sodding and/or re-seeding is necessary.  The details on the grass types that will be acceptable to the court will be the subject of further briefing and a hearing on December 17, 2015.